Úkol 2


Zadání: A homework assignment: Consider the same vector of the personnel demand b as in the seminar assignment. Use the function ilinprog (see the example in Sec. 3.1) from the TORSCHE toolbox. The matrix A must be generated by the code. Firstly, solve the problem described by the ILP model Eq. 1. Secondly, modify the ILP model of the problem with respect to the Sec. 3. Show both solutions, i.e. display the number of shifts (yellow colour) together with the personnel demand b (green colour) similarly like at the top of Fig. 1 and 2, where one of the optimal solutions for each ILP model are depicted. A Matlab standard function bar with the default colouring of the bars can be used to show these figures.

2010/2011, 2011/2012

Pokud si chcte overit sve reseni, tak tuto hru (pole 3×3 - 8×8) naleznete treba tu: http://thinks.com/java/fiver/fiver.htm

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